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Women’s Therapy Group

Ironically, with everything seeming more and more connected, we can feel more and more isolated. With everyone flooding social media with their highs, can anyone relate to our lows?  

You know, those days where it seems like no one is going through what we are? Times where when looking at our lives, no matter how many wins we have we can only see our losses? Being in places where you look at someone, maybe that neighbor, a celebrity, acquaintance or friend and their lives seem so perfect, yet ours seems to be a dumpster fire? 

Intellectually, some might understand they aren’t the only ones that go through this, but more often than not we rarely see it ourselves and that can leave us feeling alone. That is why we’ve created a Women’s Therapy Group. 

What is the Women's Therapy Group and Who is it for?

Overseen by a professional therapist, this group is a safe place for women to share their personal challenges with other members who may be dealing with similar emotions such as anxiety, depression as well as struggles with self esteem, perfectionism and shame.

The Women's Therapy Group is open to women 20 and older who want to come together to be supported and to give support. The group is dedicated toward creating connection and belonging among its members and facilitating a space for brave discussions and learning.

What goes on in the Women's Therapy Group?

Group members are invited to share their personal struggles while also listening and commenting to other group members about their experiences. Group discussion will be guided by a professional therapist who will help the group to learn and understand about managing negative thoughts and emotions, the importance of practicing self compassion and self care, embracing vulnerability and establishing healthy relationships.

Papillon Healing Specialists
Women’s Therapy Group


The current group has just ended. Restarting Soon. Check back for new dates and times.
Seating is limited. Register for the next group session here!

Women's Therapy
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