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Payment & Accepted Insurances

Cost Per Session:

$150 - First Session

$135 - Each Session After The First Session

Payment is due at the time of service. If you're using insurance, you may have a copay or need to pay the full cost of the visit until your deductible is met. Papillon Healing Specialists are happy to bill any insurance company in and out of network or provide you with a Reimbursement of Benefits Superbill to submit to your insurance at no additional cost. 


Reasons why you may consider Direct Pay:


  1. Privacy - Insurance companies require a Mental Health Diagnosis in order to cover your services. This information is shared between health networks and becomes part of your permanent health record. 

  2. Limited Providers - Using in network providers limits you to a certain pool of providers whose expertise might not be the best fit for your circumstances or concern. 

  3. High Deductible - Some people have a deductible starting at $3500 or even higher, which means you would have to pay out of pocket for services regardless before the insurance company would even cover a portion. 

  4. Savings - Paying Direct Pay allows us to keep the cost of our visits down, making it more affordable.

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