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Current Therapy Groups

Explore our current therapy groups, providing a supportive community for diverse needs. From anxiety and depression to trauma-focused sessions, our specialized groups offer a space for shared experiences and growth. Join us on the journey to healing and well-being.


Group therapy at Papillon Healing Specialists, truly isn't just a cost-effective alternative; it's a powerhouse of transformation. Picture this: a spectrum of perspectives converging, fostering social skills, and embracing the uniqueness of each journey. Worried about compromise because it costs less? Think again! Our group therapy is not just affordable; it's an investment in a potent support system that transcends the boundaries of traditional counseling.

Our Current Therapy Groups are guided by our team of dedicated therapists and seasoned management experts. We're not here just to alleviate challenges; we're here to cultivate hope, understanding, and peace. It's not just therapy; it's a journey we navigate together, where every step is infused with our commitment to "Caring—Truly".

Discover transformative healing in our current group therapy sessions at Papillon Healing Specialists in Orem, UT. Join supportive communities addressing anxiety, depression, trauma, and more.

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