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Do you or someone you know have an eating disorder?

We're here to help you or your loved one in any way that we can


Historically it has been common for those with eating disorders who have a history of trauma to receive interventions for their eating disorder but not their trauma, and for them to cycle in-an-out of treatments. Oftentimes their issues stem from trauma and their need is to treat the origins of their disorders so that there can be a holistic healing. In cases of eating disorders stemming from trauma, healing from trauma can help improve or abolish their symptoms.


We work with adolescents and adults who suffer from an eating disorder caused by the residual effects of trauma. Trauma can happen during any stage of life and it can be in the form of a single event or series of events (such as bullying) or an ongoing unhealthy environment (such as childhood abuse or interpersonal relational abuse in adulthood). All forms of trauma can be disruptive and affect one’s emotional wellbeing, ability to function, and life satisfaction. However, while trauma can be consequential, it does not have the power to define anyone. 
We maintain a client-centered focus and work collaboratively with clients to break free from the defining nature of trauma so they can be free to live fulfilling lives.

Please reach out to us. Call 801-899-3610 today to talk to us about your concerns and questions or BOOK ONLINE now.


If you're still thinking about getting the help you need, let us guide you through the process. Don't put off for tomorrow the healing that could begin today.

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